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We have partnered with a number of local and international businesses to provide our guests with the 'best of the best' in terms value, service and quality. Check out our partners below and remember to tell them you found them through Villas of the Galleon!


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+1 (345) 916-2978

Cayman Vacation Shoppers can have the food, wine, liquor and beer, of your choice delivered fresh and waiting for you when you arrive to the Cayman Islands AND you’ll pay the same in-store price for each item as if you did the shopping yourself! All supplies delivered for a single delivery charge of just $65.


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+1 (345) 949-3463

Feel like a change of pace? Too tired to cook but not up for going out tonight? Simply call Fine Dine-In and your worries are over! Fine Dine-In let's you enjoy great food from Cayman's best restaurants by delivering it right to your home, office, condo, hotel room, boat slip or even the beach!


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A visit to the North Sound Club is a must for any golfer in The Cayman Islands, whether a seasoned enthusiast or a ambitious novice. With its sun-drenched greens set against the stunning blues of the crystal clear North Sound and the Caribbean sky, the course design takes advantage of the prevailing ocean breeze and the abundance of water and sand.


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Setting a new standard for shopping in Grand Cayman, Governors Square is a 2-story, outdoor specialty center that is home to several retail stores, eateries / restaurants, a bank, and both local and international businesses. Conveniently located on West Bay Road across from the popular Seven Mile Beach, Governors Square is a one of a kind shopping and business centre.


Pirate Caves   Website address:
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+1 (345) 947–3122
Open 7 days 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Discover the Pirate's Caves where history's most notorious pirates hid their treasure. Tour Grand Cayman's most spectacular underground formations. Experience a unique opportunity to wander through passages actually used by pirates as hiding places for valuable treasures and see authentic pirate artifacts. No special equipment is needed and the caves can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Caymanians believe that pirate treasure still lies buried in the tunnels of the caves. Pirates left their treasure troves in the tunnels, guarded by dead pirates who "volunteered" to remain behind as ghostly guardians. The locations of the treasure troves remain a mystery to this day, due to the many hurricanes that have struck the island over the years sealing the pirates secrets under tons of coral rubble. The caves lie beneath a beautiful lush tropical setting. Stroll along a scenic nature trail on a self guided tour through the mini zoo, where kids can feed freshwater sting rays and encounter Grand Caymans exotic animals. Enjoy fun and exciting activities for the whole family. Pirate Caves is an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy a relaxing massage in your room or on the beach listening to the sound of the ocean! Nicole Frolick is the islands' most experienced resident mobile massage therapist. With over 11 years of massage therapy experience, Nicole can offer a variety of different types of massage to suit your individual needs. Click here for further info - Cayman Massage Therapy
If you are looking for a Spa experience, Villas recommends the following Spas within walking distance:
• Touch of Thai • Spa Esprit • The Ritz Carlton - Silver Rain, a La Prairie Spa
Read more: Cayman Massage Therapy and Spa Treatments

For Activities and Events in Cayman we recommend you visit the Explore Cayman website as it is the most comprehensive site available for things to do and events in Cayman. They have details about tour durations, pricing, etc, have the Islands most up to date Events calendar which is updated daily, have over 100 articles about Cayman and the things to do, have 50+ exclusive promotions, and so much more. You can also download their free app for the Cayman Islands. Click here to find out more...

My Personal Chef provides catering, family meals and healthy eating plans, perfect for those who want to eat healthy and have great tasting food at their convenience. Their meals are portion controlled and fully cooked. Just heat, eat & enjoy our tantalizing selections.
It's not just about eating less, it's about eating better!! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Situated on 500 acres stretching from the Caribbean sea to the North Sound, Camana Bay is a place to live, work and play. A mixed-use masterplanned community, the Town of Camana Bay will be developed over several decades, enabling it to flourish for generations to come.
Designed by a team of award-winning architects and planners, Camana Bay has a contemporary style inspired by traditional Caribbean architecture and is landscaped with mature, native plants and trees to give it a distinctly Caymanian character. With shops, restaurants, offices, homes and a school all within easy walking distance, the Town of Camana Bay is Grand Cayman’s newest community.

SEA STAR CHARTERS - Captain Clinton Ebanks
Join Captain Clinton for an unforgettable experience. Half day reef fishing charters is our particular speciality. All equipment, bait and soft drinks are included. You will never go out with anyone else! Call Villas today and speak to Lisa today to make a booking! Call 345-945-4433 now!

The Cayman Islands has an enviable and full deserved reputation as a gourmet's delight, offering amazing food experiences from around the world. Here we give you the 'inside scoop' on the best of the best, many of which are right on your doorstep when you are a guest of villas of the Galleon. Read more: Food & Drink

Welcome to the Cayman Islands and Atlantis Submarines, where you don't have to be a scuba diver to experience the underwater world. The Cayman Islands are one of the top scuba diving destinations in world. The crystal clear water surrounding these special islands are world renowned for rich marine life and is only one of the reasons that scuba divers choose this destination year after year. Read more: Take a Submarine Tour

That's right, just because you cannot swim does not mean you have to miss out on some of the best views in Cayman - underwater! This is Sea Trek - an experience made possible by our amazing helmets...
When the design team at Sub Sea Systems envisioned the Sea Trek experience, their first priority was to create a system so safe and easy to use that even participants with little or no swimming ability would have the opportunity to safely and comfortably explore the underwater world. Read more: Diving for non-swimmers!

Ambassadors of the Environment by Jean-Michel Cousteau introduces guests to the natural wonders and rich cultural traditions of the Cayman Islands. The islands' ecological resources become a natural classroom and living laboratory in which adults, families and kids learn while having so much fun, they'll never imagine it's educational. Through exploration and active study, Ambassadors have meaningful experiences that imbue them with a deep appreciation and respect for nature, as well as an understanding of how to live more environmentally responsibly back home. At the heart of the Ambassadors program are four principles: everything is connected; there is no waste in nature; everything runs on energy; and biodiversity is good. Read more: Ambassadors of the Environment

GREAT FOR KIDS (of all ages!)
The Cayman Islands offers a multitude of 'safe & fun activites geared for the young (or young at heart!). Some of the most popular activities are:
• Banana Boat Rides • Parasailing • Stingray City Snorkeling • Boatswains Beach Turtle Farm and Aviary • Mini Golf • Pedro Castle
Many of the water-based activities are available right on the door-step - that is to say, right here on the beach front - for those vacationing at Villas of the Galleon.

Welcome to your gateway to great kayak adventures in the best kayaking park in the Cayman Islands. Cayman Kayaks offers eco-adventure kayaking tours in the pristine waters of the North Sound, the largest reef-fringed lagoon of the Cayman Islands.
Read more: Kayaking in the Mangroves

When Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II opened Grand Cayman's only Botanic Park in 1994, only the Woodland Trail was complete. In the ensuing years, the grounds have grown and developed into the full fledged Botanic Park that is operating today.
Today, the Botanic Park is recognized as a world-class facility. Its annual Orchid Show is eagerly anticipated by floral enthusiasts throughout the country. And this year, the Botanic Park was invited to design an entry for the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. Read more: World Class Botanical Gardens

Welcome to the Black Pearl. Boasting one of the largest outdoor concrete skateboard park in the world the Black Pearl is unforgetable. Start making your plans today to experience it in real time!Read more: Black Pearl Skate Park

The Taste of Cayman Food & Wine Festival at Camana Bay is the largest culinary festival of its kind in the Caribbean.
In it’s 28th year it has proved itself as a successful vehicle for promoting food and wine in the Cayman Islands to both our local residents and overseas visitors. In fact Taste of Cayman has proved so popular that January has now officially been named Culinary Month and a number of other food related events have been billed around it. So if you’re looking for an evening with a chance to taste a little bit from each of the best of Cayman’s restaurants, and maybe sip on a glass of champagne, a mojito or a glass of extraordinary wine from a choice of over two-dozen vineyards then this is the event for you. 
Read more: Cayman Food Festival

Cayman Carnival Batabano was launched in 1983 by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman. Held annually during the first week of May, it is undoubtedly one of the main highlights of Cayman's entertainment calendar."Batabano" was the original name of Cayman Carnival, chosen as a salute to Cayman's turtling heritage - Batabano refers to the tracks left in the sand by turtles as they drag themselves onto beaches to nest. Finding turtle tracks on the beach was and still is reason to celebrate in Cayman, thus, Cayman Carnival Batabano.Read more: Batabano

Music, street dances, costumes, games, food and drink, "pirate invasion", Kids Day, glittering parade, sports events, Heritage Days, fireworks! It's 11 fun-filled, festive days in the sun with something for everyone, and a lot of it FREE! Read more: Pirates Week

Even More Things to do...

World Renowned Dive Sites
Whether you opt to go in it or just sit above it - there's something about the turquoise waters, white sand and refreshing breezes that keep visitors to the Cayman Islands coming back for more. There's no limit to the number of things you can see and do - from the thrill of going underwater without getting wet, to the fun of parasailing along the beautiful Seven Mile Beach - or simply basking in the sun. The ideas are endless when you just add water!

Watersport centres that offer a variety of ways to get wet are located in the most convenient spots in the Cayman Islands - with the main centres  at major hotels. Depending on the location, these might include ocean kayaks, windsurfing boards, hobie cats, waverunners, aqua trikes, view boards, sun searcher floats, banana boat rides, paddle cats, paddleboats, parasailing, water-skiing or small sailboats.

In the Cayman Islands all fantasies of exploring the mysterious underwater world can be met - without ever getting wet! By viewing marine life from a submarine, the Cayman Islands fish covered reefs and enthralling drop-offs can be discovered by land-lovers. Atlantis Submarines offer rides aboard the 48-passenger Atlantis TS-XI.  The Seaworld Observatory takes 40 passangers  just five  feet below the ocean's surface.  Cayman Submarines' SEAmobile Submarine Tours also offers room for two passengers to explore underwater life at depths of up to 60 feet with a 360-degree view. Nautilus offers the 80-passenger air-conditioned Nautilus semi-submarine with a protected glass hull that cruises five feet below the sea's surface.

Duty-Free Shopping Means Fantastic Savings
Cayman is a duty-free destination which means many exciting opportunities for you to save on such things as watches, china and crystal, perfumes and fine jewellery--including authentic treasure coin jewellery--on Grand Cayman and at a few stores on Cayman Brac. Prices on perfume, watches and select luxury items may be as much as 30% less expensive here.

Amazing Art & Crafts
A growing interest in developing local art and crafts has led to the opening of art and craft galleries featuring local and Caribbean art. Underwater photography services and an excellent selection of underwater photos and prints framed as art pieces are available as well. You can also arrange for custom underwater videos and photographs of your own diving and snorkelling experiences--a unique souvenir of your Cayman vacation!

Our Shopping Surprises Will Delight You
You will be surprised by our selection of interesting, unusual and local items that await your shopping experience . These include shell jewellery, thatch work, wood carvings, Caymanian-style birdhouses, crocheted items, pepper sauces, tropical fruit jams, honey, Caymanite (Cayman's semi-precious stone) jewellery and sculpture, and a unique selection of antique and treasure coin jewellery. To find such items you can visit the Cayman Craft Market which sits by the sea in a festive, park-like setting just a short stroll from the cruise ship dock in George Town. The vendors offer locally made items of leather, thatch, wood, and shell as well as tradional Caymanian food.

The Farmer's Market Cooperative is located at Stacy Watler Agriculture Pavillion located in Lower Valley, known as Market at the Gounds it is open every Saturday from 7am -1pm. You will find fresh produce, fish, Cayman-made products like Cayman Sea Salt, jams, preserves and hot sauces. Sample the taste of Cayman with home cooked meals & baked goods. It’s also a great place to buy traditional Cayman gifts included silver thatch crafts, Caymanite jewellery and paintings. Willie's Fresh Fruits & Juices on Red Bay Road also sell delicious unusual local jams, hot sauces, fruits, fresh juices and baked goods.

The Tortuga Rum Company, for example, offers 10 blends of rums, Taste of the Caribbean sections featuring samples of the Tortuga Rum Cake, Tortuga label gourmet food products and a wide variety of Caribbean speciality foods, coffees, spices and sauces.

The Cayman Motor Museum
Classic cars worth millions of dollars and ranging back to the end of the 19th century can now be seen by visitors to West Bay at the newly opened Cayman Motor Museum.

For more information about the Cayman Islands visit Cayman Travel Guide